This article prom Pubmed has increased hope for the future of mankind. Zhongguo Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Za Zhi. 2013 Sep;33(9):1196-8. [Treating coronary heart disease by acupuncture at neiguan (PC6) and xinahu (BL15): an efficacy assessment by SPECT]. [Article in Chinese] Gao Z, Hu S, Wang ZJ, Chen Q, Jia SW. Source Department of Nuclear Medicine, Peking University Shenzhen […]

World class Acupuncture now available at Sinha Medical Acupuncture , M 53 Kalkaji New Delhi. Dr. Arindam Sinha is providing proven acupuncture for vertigo and cervical spondylosis.Researchers investigated the effects of acupuncture on patients with cervical spondylosis, Visit Acupuncture was administered  once daily for five days.  Colored Ultrasound were performed to measure incresed blood […]